IMEX provides a range of services to Australia's manufacturing, processing, production and maintenance industries. We have over 35 years of trusted history within the industries of oil and gas, renewable energy, petrochemical, food processing, mining, and more. 

Learn more about some of our most recent, and ongoing projects below.

Case Study 1


Supply, Calibration and Repair of Equipment

Petrochemical Industry

How we help:

IMEX provides ongoing supply and calibration support of testing equipment to several Oil and Gas refineries across Australia. We have fostered a long standing relationship with dedicated overseas distributors, enabling us to act as a fully authorised importer of a large range of calibration and testing equipment used for testing fuels, lubricants, solvents, paints, coatings, additives, and other fluids. We consistently fulfil requests for calibration and repair of Micro-Separometer and Conductivity Meters. Our quote for these services encompass all associated costs for temporary export, equipment maintenance and return to our customer free-into-store. All orders are processed same-day, which means our customers can expect a fast turnaround and rest assure their inventory will be replenished quickly and hassle-free.

Did you know?

IMEX facilitates repairs for a large range of calibration and testing equipment including but not limited to Vartech screens, Det-Tronics gas detectors, Igniter PCB assemblies and more.

Case Study 2


Replacements for Obsolete Parts and Equipment

Dairy Industry

How we help:

IMEX specialises in assisting our customers with identifying replacement parts for old or obsolete equipment. Often engineers will approach IMEX with a request to supply spares for a large vessel such as a pump, vacuum or fan assembly where the equipment is either no longer manufactured, or the sourcing information has been lost over the years. IMEX will invite the customer to send across what they have, whether it be a photo of the installed equipment, the name plate or even decades-old drawings and can usually track down the relevant OEM supplier and help identify a compatible or superseded spare part. ** database **One recent example is for a household name dairy manufacturer based in rural NSW. A motor originally manufactured in the late 1970’s required a new gearbox. By obtaining old name plate photos, IMEX was not only able to setup a direct communication channel with the OEM manufacturer, but quote and supply for a superseded replacement gearbox, along with a datasheet to match the spec for the parent equipment.

Did you know?

We regularly supply spares for pumps, filters, valves, bushing, connections, and fittings for industries including Oil and Gas, Food Manufacturing, Mining and more.

Case Study 3


Replacements and Spares for Desalter Process Units

Oil & Gas Industry

How we help:

IMEX has been the dedicated supplier for desalter unit replacements and spares for various crude oil refining locations across Australia. Typical spares we supply are hanger assemblies, bushings, insulators and power rods. Our team is skilled at communicating highly technical information between the supplier and end user, ensuring the correct specialised material is being ordered and delivered. Often the equipment requiring replacement parts is ageing.

IMEX's key offering is being able to work with the OEM manufacturer to identify genuine replacement parts.  All parts are accompanied by technical drawings and data sheets if available, to ensure the correct parts are being quoted. IMEX will quote one simple price and arrange seamless delivery of parts free in to store

Did you know?

We have experience handling even the most sensitive, time specific and hazardous shipments, including liquids, calibration equipment, emergency replacement parts and more.

Case Study 4


Shipping of Hazardous Items and Material

Oil & Gas Industry

How we help:

IMEX has been entrusted to expedite hazardous materials from overseas vendors to the warehouse of Australian customers for over 35 years. Whilst many freight forwarders restrict the carriage of hazardous materials such as gels, detergents and coolants, IMEX has developed strong relationships with reputable global carriers such as DHL Global Forwarding, who employ strict procedures to ensure the safe and responsible carriage of such items. IMEX regularly ships gallons of Acid Detection Paint for a VIC fuel refinery with precision and care. We ensure items are always declared and travel with a material safety data sheet (MSDS). Our strong relationships with haz-mat accredited freight forwarders ensure goods are rarely held in customs or delayed.

Did you know?

We have relationships with thousands of suppliers of parts and equipment globally, as well as access to genuine lubricants, liquids and oils.