Long Term Goal Versus Maintaining Reliability

Recent closures of old coal-run stations across Australia have caused a gap in the energy market, resulting in hiking power bills for businesses and individual households alike. The coalition is pushing for investment in green energy, but this sector is not growing fast enough to meet Australia’s ever-growing demand for energy. This is a stop-gap solution..

  • GL currently own ageing Liddell coal-run power station. AGL has so far resisted Turnbull government pressure to sell Liddell and plans to replace it with renewables, batteries, gas power, upgraded coal power and demand response.
  • usinesses & Households will feel the impact of a big station like Liddell closing suddenly as there is already a huge gap in the market.
  • o appease businesses and long term goal of green energy, Turnbull gov has approached Alinta Energy to buy the AGL station immediately with a view to extending its life for five to seven years past it’s scheduled closure at 2022.
  • linta says the opportunity “fits with our strong desire to maintain reliability and affordability for customers as we transition to a lower-emissions energy sector.