IMEX is your trusted Australian agent for buying, expediting and supplying industrial goods, parts and equipment from manufacturers and distributors from anywhere in the world.


How We Work


We act as an extension to your procurement team or warehouse. Think of us as your buying house, a buying agent, or your specialised parts and equipment procurement partner. 

We quote ‘free-into-store’, can provide finance if required, and handle all freight forwarding logistics including point of entry and local delivery requirements.


Three Key Services


We purchase direct from OEM’s, genuine part suppliers, manufacturers & distributors in Australia and overseas and provide ‘free-into-store’ quotes for simplicity. We can also provide finance for your order if required.


Our teams coordinate all aspects of the supply chain, from working with suppliers and freight forwarders, to handing all point of entry and local delivery requirements. all while keeping you up-to-date with delivery information.


We can quote and supply your order ‘free-into-store’. You will only be invoiced once goods have been received by your store or warehouse. Some commonly ordered items are kept at our Sydney warehouse.

Industries We Service


Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy

IMEX can source genuine OEM parts and equipment within the industries of Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refining and Pipeline Operations and Power Generation. We also source parts & equipment from leading manufacturers in Europe, the USA & UK of first class quality materials. We source Pumps, Filters, Valves, Belts, Gaskets, Hoses, Hydraulics, Components, Couplings, Lubricants, Drilling Products, Hydraulic Tubing and Piping, Testing and Calibration equipment.



OEM & replacement parts suitable for pumping and processing, fuel / petroleum equipment, exploration, drilling, supplies, systems & parts for the handling, storage & transfer of gasoline, diesel, bio-fuels, ethanols, aviation & jet fuels, oils & other fluids. Fuel transfer pumps, hoses, tanks, couplers, adapters, connectors, adapters, gauges, filters, valves, meters and more.


Food Manufacturing and Processing

Equipment and parts for mincing and macerating, liquefaction, emulsification, and cooking (such as boiling, broiling, frying, or grilling), pickling, pasteurisation, and many other kinds of preservation, including canning and other types of packaging. We also source equipment for primary-processing operations including dicing, slicing, freezing and drying.


Pharmaceutical and Laboratory

Pharmaceutical and laboratory operations OEM parts and equipment, including items like Lab Equipment, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Test Equipment, Gas Chromatography Equipment, Hyperspectral Imaging Systems, Liquid Aspiration Systems, Vacuum and Peristaltic Pumps, and more.


Defence and Mining

We can source and supply a large range of Military, Aviation and Mining Spare Parts, Machinery, Consumable Materials and Combat Clothing and Accessories. We have also provided many of our customers with Re-Engineering of parts and Small Batch Manufacture services; of Metalwork, Machined Parts, Circuit Cards, Cables, Miscellaneous Parts and Assemblies. IMEX also supplies Turbine Casings, Turbine Blades, Impellers, Propellers, Multi Material Components, Tubes and Parts with internal features.

We Supply To

Established in 1984, IMEX Parts and Equipment is your trusted local source dedicated to International Procurement, Expediting and Supply.

Enquiries and Quote Requests

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